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Introducing the....

Easy Seller Fee Calculator!

Works with Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000 and XP
Developed by Marty Flynn
Available via direct download OR on CD!
NEW Version 1.7.
1 Just Released!

*Please read* - When you send your payment through PayPal, the download information and confirmation is automatically sent to your registered PayPal email address. If your registered PayPal email address is not monitored or is no longer in use, you will NOT receive the download instructions. Please check the email address you have registered with PayPal to make sure it is valid. This is not only necessary for you to receive the download instructions, but is a vital part in maintaining your online transaction security. Thank you for your cooperation.

*The price of this item is for the DOWNLOAD version.
Add $3.00 and have it shipped on CD right to your home or business!
(USA Only-additonal charges apply for international shipment.)

A simple, easy to use calculator that is NOT an Excel spreadsheet or an application with many pages to sift through to get your final results. You get your results as you type and click! Instantly!

4/5/08-  Update for the new eBay fees
12/16/06-  Minor update for the new stores fees
7/17/06-  Added Multi invoicing and paper type and printer selection to the log
  Fixed some bugs in the store calculations as well as added exclusion of S&H from invoices.
2/21/06-  Updated to reflect the eBay fee changes effective 2/26/06 at midnight PST.
3/25/05 -
 More new features! That's right, we've now added full editing to the log file! Edit any field, (except date entered), and save it! Cool.....a new research facilty has been added as well. Search on various aspects of online sales via eBay, Google, Froogle, and more!
2/19/05 -   The NEW version is here! Now updated to reflect the new eBay fee structure which goes into effect 2/18/2005.

By customer request, we've added the additional features listed below:

  • Stores! That's right, now the Easy Seller Calculator supports eBay stores! All the features you would expect. Simply click the Store button and the stores fee structure goes into action. With just one click! Cool! It's like getting another application for FREE! And, easily switch between stores calculations and auction calculations with one click!
  • Templates! You asked for it, you got it! Now setup your favorite scenario with any upgrades, start price, end price, it's unlimited! You can even save a store scenario with an auction scenario, in one template! Cool! Load templates, save templates and even delete that obsolete one!
  • Packing Slips! You asked for it, you got it! Don't work on commission? Just want to print a quick Packing Slip for your auction/store customer, you can! It lists the Customer name, item#, Item description, end price, shipping and handling and total. Just like the existing invoice, only modified as a Packing Slip! Don't worry, Invoices are still here too!
  • Log file - Now modified to identify an item as a store or auction and save it right in the log for you!
  • New shortcuts across the top of the program to quickly get you to your favorite spot, Log file, Invoice/Packing Slips, Templates and popular shipping sites for easy reference!

08/09/04 -  It has been brought to our attention that the Easy Seller Calculator was
                  adding FVF fees even when the reserve fee was not met. This was a bug and
                  has been corrected in this latest version. While researching this bug, we
                  also found that PayPal fees were being generated as well, even when the
                  reserve price was not met. This bug has been corrected in
                  this latest version.

By customer request, we've added the features listed below:

  • All currency values, throughout the application, are now displayed and saved
    in two decimal format, "0.00". This makes the application easier to read and
    more consistent throughout.
  • From the main interface, if you have a PayPal merchant account, select that
    option and click save, and it will always load with this setting. Also, if
    you do not accept PayPal at all, unchecking the Accept PayPal option and
    clicking save, will always load with this setting.
  • Added the ability to regenerate invoices on the fly, without having to
    backout to the main interface. So now you can change the item#, description,
    Customer name, or the Commission rate and instantly re-generate an invoice!
    You can also instantly save it to the log!

07/20/04 - By customer request, we've added a number of features:

  • The eBay Border upgrade has been added.
  • Shipping cost- Now calculates difference between S&H charged and actual shipping cost, and adds to the net proceeds! Cool!
  • Item Cost- You can now enter the item cost and it instantly deducts from Net proceeds! Cool!
  • Gross and Net profits shown as you type and click! Cool!
  • Enhanced Invoices - Now you can select whether or not to include eBay/PayPal fees on your client invoices!
  • Commission fees - Now you can have the system calculate your commission before or after the eBay/PayPal fees! Cool!
  • Extra commission fees - Now there's a field to add any additional fees you charge your consignment clients! Cool!
  • Log Viewer - Added options to allow printing and deleting items directly from the log!
  • Log Viewer - Qty Listed, Qty Sold and item cost are automatically added to the log!

06/24/04 - By customer request, now you can view your log file, see a summary of all fees, commissions and even search for an item! Cool!! (see the screenshot below).

03/25/04 - By customer request, now supports multiple item listings in the calculator, Invoices and log! Cool!! (see the screenshots below).

03/08/04 - Are you a Trading Assistant on eBay? Do you work on consignment? Well now the Easy Seller Fees calculator generates Invoices and calculates commissions too!

  • Generate and print Invoice for each item with a breakdown of all fees and your commission too!
  • Saves each Invoice in RichText format (*.RTF) for easy reprinting, (if you choose to)!
  • Save each Invoices data to a seperate log file, (in CSV format), for easy importing into your favorite accounting program! All fees, commissions and net payouts! Cool!
  • Saves your company name, address and a custom message, so it instantly prints on the invoice! (Check out the screenshots below).

02/26/2004 - By customer requests, shipping and handling added and included when calculating PayPal fees. Net Proceeds also added (End Amount - Total Fees). Cool!

01/29/2004 - Now updated to reflect the new eBay fee structure which goes into effect 2/2/2004.

Want an easy way to calculate your listing fees BEFORE you list?
Want to save time and instantly calculate your listing fees?
Want to instantly know what your PayPal® fees will be BEFORE you accept PayPal®? 
Want to see your listing fees so fast that they appear as you type?

Look no further! The  Easy Seller Calculator does it all!

My name is Marty Flynn, and I am a long time PC technician, LAN and WAN engineer, Network Designer and programmer. I have been working with computers for well over 10 years, and have designed, built and worked on thousands of computers, from PC's to servers to mainframes, and have written literally hundreds of custom applications for data tracking, manipulation, conversion as well as many networking programs.

 "I started selling on eBay and entering all my sales into an Excel spreadsheet. It quickly became apparent, that this was simply too cumbersome and crude to work with."

The Easy Seller Calculator  is a stand-alone calculator - It instantly displays your eBay® listing fees as you type and select listing options! No pages to sift through to get your results, no Excel required on your system, it instantly produces results as you type! Here's a list of some of the great features of the Easy Seller Calculator


  • Show results INSTANTLY as you type! 
  • One page results - everything is displayed right in front of you! Even as you click and type options! 
  • Pop-up help on every field with a detailed description! 
  • Let's you change any fee item to any number - if eBay has a special Gallery price, (or a special on any listing fee) , type it in and it will instantly calculate with the new price! Cool!! 
  • When eBay® or PayPal® change their fees, well guess what? you can change the fees in the system too!
  • Fee changes can be saved with the click of a button.
  • The program does not require constant updates when fee structures change.
  • Built-in Basic Calculator for calculating anything!
  • Instant access to the most current, posted, eBay® and PayPal® fee structures for quick reference!

How many times have you simply wanted to find out what it would cost to list your item, without having to go through the entire listing process, only to find out you needed to start your listing higher AND remove some of the extra features, you thought were going to Make your item stand out ? Now, with the Easy Seller Calculator, you know instantly! 
I'm not kidding when I say this system is easy.

Are you just starting out selling on eBay, and don't have a clue as to how much listing will cost? Are you a seasoned eBay® seller looking for a quicker way to instantly see your listing fees before you list an item? Look no further...
The Easy Seller Calculator will get your answers instantly  as you type and select your listing options in the application .

No lengthy manuals to read, no need for a massive training lesson to use this system. It's ready to go right out of the box!

Fully functional on Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000 and XP

The Easy Seller Calculator is an easy to use, fully functional, eBay® and PayPal® calculator, that instantly provides your listing and closing fees as you type and click!.
Best of all, it's available for immediate download, or on CD, whichever you prefer!

eBay® is a registered trademark of eBay, inc
PayPal® is a registered trademark of PayPal, inc
*Disclaimer - MFCS Computer Services assumes NO liability as to the use or mis-use of this software. 
This software is provided "AS-IS" and is used at the buyer's discretion. Buyer assumes all liability as to the use and/or 
mis-use of this product. License granted for this product, is for use on (1) PC. Use of this product on more than (1) PC requires the purchase of additional licenses.
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